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The Ghosts in the Lighting Booth

Sometime after the tragic events of November and December of 2002, I went onto our home computer and found Nicole’s files. I was staggered and deeply moved by some of the writings my little girl did there. She didn’t really share them with us at the time, and knowing her, she probably didn’t think they were all that great.

But she was wrong. There are poems and stories here that capture all the pain and anguish that goes with being a teenage girl. Nicole had the inherent ability to get that pain on a page, and to express the very real fears we all go through during those most tender years. It is a powerful little collection — especially in lieu of events transpired.

I figured I could do this one last thing for her, and compile these writings into a little booklet which I have decided to call “The Ghosts In The Lighting Booth”, which is the name of one of her more compelling poems therein. When I sat in my office and worked on this project, she was with me every step of the way. Of that I am sure.

This booklet was (self) published in time for the First Annual Scholarship Dinner. However, it is no longer available on the Cafe Press website, as they discontinued book production there. However, you can buy other merchandise there by hitting this link. I may re-publish the book at some point if I can find an appropriate means to do so.